Dena McKee's Artwork    
"The Rec"

“The Rec” was the recreation center for the city of Pascagoula. The Rec was located on Market Street where the Applied Technology Center is presently. Some of us growing up in Pascagoula learned to swim from local swimming instructors in the large pool located behind the center. The pool was complete with both low and high diving boards. On hot summer days, the pool was usually full of noisy children and teens having fun while cooling off. While upstairs at the Rec was used as a basketball court, the downstairs had a bowling alley complete with teenagers hired as pin boys to reset the pins after each frame. Later the bowling alley was converted into a large teen dance area properly named “The Alley”. Many local bands and groups from the mid to late 60’s got their first “gig” at the Alley.

-Thoughts by Don McKee