Dena McKee's Artwork    

Written by Don McKee

When one thinks of Pascagoula, Ingalls Shipbuilding was, is and probably will be what comes to mind for most people. Until now the name “Ingalloid” has been used in backroom conversation to describe those employed at Ingalls Shipyard. Though some call it Goliath, I have affectionately called the gigantic yellow crane on rails at the shipyard, Ingalloid, to pay homage to the entire work force---past, present and future. It is long past time for the Ingalloid to come out of the back rooms and into the limelight. Without the Ingalloid workforce driving the economy, Pascagoula and much of the surrounding Gulf South would “dry up and blow away “! When you drive by on Highway 90 look south at Ingalloid and tip your hat or blow your horn to the large yellow stickman with one left arm and one winking red eye at night. We are long overdue in celebrating this great hero in our lives.